Html 5 Support


Hi everyone, i see the new fmod 1.09 and is great :))))). I see that now we have HTML5 integration compatibility, this means that now we can build and run in Unity with Webgl, and the compilation doesn’t give error, and i can upload my demos to my webpage in a playgame inside the webpage, without need upload a link to download and play?


(Brett Paterson) #2

Hi, we’re still working on unity support. With the unity support, the unity compiler converts all C# wrapper calls, into C++ calls, which then gets converted to JS, and then you get ‘not found’ errors when trying to use the fmod integration.

The solution is to include the fmodstudio.bc file in the plugins directory of the unity project, but that still is not quite there yet, as the symbols exported and converted are not there in the .bc file, or at least I think it was something like that when I looked at it last.

It needs a new layer of wrapper code to translate between JS and C from C#, so i’ll give an update when this has been investigated more.

(Joe McDonald) #3

Any news on Unity support for HTML5 / WebGL builds?

(Aki Latvamäki) #4

Interested in this as well.

(Brett Paterson) #5

just got this working, should be available in the next version