HTML5/Javascript AudioContext requires user interaction

Hey folks, came here when I noticed that it was absolutely required for users to click on the webpage before the music could be played.

I get the concern around ads playing audio and being as such annoying. However that complicates my project where the user isn’t really expected to click on anything.

I suppose I could add a “click here to begin” button that literally does nothing but start the audio. But it would be required every. single. time. the user views a page. I don’t quite understand the hypersensitivity for the ads sound when sounds/music playing on something like a landing page isn’t at all uncommon.

I’m open to suggestions on this, I just hate thinking of requiring a click in order to start the audio. How about scrolling? Or would I have to hack a “click” solution in order to trick this? Honestly not trying to do anything bad, just want to give my viewers good UX.

So this is actually not an issue with FMOD, but actually with Chrome itself, so I understand this is something we’ll just have to work around with a button or something to unmute sounds or something similar.

That is correct, this requirement is enforced by the browser unfortunately.