HTML5 live update

(Alexander Otte) #1

In a separate HTML5 application running in the browser (NOT Unity/UE4), is live update to the Studio supported? I seem to be able to initialize the system to enable liveupdate (the log says everything works fine), but connecting via Studio does not work (gives socketError).

Also, it’s kind of confusing to me how it would work, since HTML5 websockets (which the API probably uses) can’t ‘listen’ for connections on clientside, instead it can only initiate connections.

Do I need to follow any additional steps besides the ones outlined at ?

If it isn’t supported for browser-side, would I get it to work in a NW.JS (which is node.js + DOM) application?

(Brett Paterson) #2

Hi ,
Live connect is not supported in HTML5 runtime of FMOD, as there is no appropriate socket API to allow this to happen that we are aware of (I seem to remember about hearing about web sockets but it wasnt supported on all browsers or something like this).

(Alexander Otte) #3

Thanks for the answer. My project is node.js based, i.e. locally I have access to the C API if need be, but I need to laboriously write writer wrappers to expose that stuff to node.js. Do you think there is any way to leverage the existing emscripten port to make this easier? I.e. only add the missing functionality (live updating, etc.) somehow.