Live Update & American Truck Simulator

Good afternoon,

I am hoping someone can provide some guidance on using Live Update with American Truck Simulator. When I try and connect with the game, I get the socket error regardless of whether I use the local host option or I have also tried both of those options with the added ports 3663 & 3664 to no avail.

I launched the game first and then FMOD (working in version 2.00.07) as I read that was the proper order.

I would appreciate any guidance on this; I may be overlooking the obvious :slight_smile:

I am a modder creating sound mods for the game which all work as intended; I would like to use the Live Update connection to streamline editing etc.



EDIT: here is a link to my help thread for using FMOD in American Truck Simulator in case anyone searches the FMOD Q&A looking for help with the title -

Live Update would need to be enabled within the game first for Live Update to be able to connect. I’m not familiar with American Truck Simulator - is there an option or config you can edit to enable Live Update? You may need to contact the developers about this.

Thanks for the quick reply,

They are one of your newer customers, it is a title by SCS Software from Prague.

Access to the game is enabled through a cvar command in the game config file which I have enable per their instructions. I am trying to access it with one of my fspro that is active in a truck as an engine bank; any of the videos I saw showed a much different looking panel setup being used in FMOD when connecting though but perhaps that was just to demonstrate the tunnel effects.

Any ideas Richard?



Not sure what the issue was, perhaps something blocking on my network, running both in administrator mode has resolved the issue. Thanks again for the quick response, I appreciate it.