Huge bug for Api: for my channels not working correctly

I came across something unusal here. When I try to get the channel group from my bus, it does not
work correctly. None of functions of the channel group work. Here is some code i used to get to the channels.
FMOD.Studio.Bus mybus;
FMOD.ChannelGroup myChannels;
mybus = RuntimeManager.GetBus(“bus:/Listener/Sfx Bus”);
float myvol;
int numchn;
mybus.getVolume(out myvol);
string myName;
mybus.getChannelGroup(out myChannels);
myChannels.getNumChannels(out numchn);
myChannels.getName(out myName, 20);

Now the bus functions work but when I return a FMOD.ChannelGroup none of the functions work here
at this level. The channel group is got from an Fmod. class while the bus is instanciated from FMOD.Studio class. There is no other way to get to the channels. Do does anyone know what is happening here?

All the FMOD functions will return an FMOD_RESULT which can provide more information on why something is failing.

Thank you, I have debugged and figured out the issue.