Humming/buzzing noise is heard when running the record example using dual 3.5 mm jacks

For the fmod record example, I hear a constant humming/buzzing noise when I use a headset with two separate 3.55mm audio connectors to connect. If I disable the microphone (3.5 mm jack) and use the internal microphone(digital jack) then this humming/buzzing is not heard. If I use a usb headset this humming/buzzing is not heard.

Any help/suggestions is very much appreciated. If any further clarification or further information is needed don’t hesitate to let me know.

Do you hear the buzzing if you use other applications like Windows sound recorder?

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Yes I can. Apologies, I should have tried the windows sound recorder as a benchmark. Not a Fmod issue then.Do you think it is a hardware/sound card issue?

No worries, it’s probably something hardware related to the actual port, unfortunately a bit outside my area of expertise.


Issue reproduced outside of FMOD, likely hardware related.

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