Chat system with voice changer

So, I need to create a voice chatting system for a VR game (HTC & Oculus) in which the player have a filter for his voice depending on which character he choses. (everyone can talk to everyone / based on distance, so i need the voice to come out of the player as a 3D sound in real space)

I am a sound designer with intermediate knowledge in Fmod and no idea about coding.
I have developers working with me but they never worked on a voice chat system and have basic knowledge in Fmod.

Any help is appreciated…

  • How to get input from the player’s microphone
  • Is it possible to set a real-time filter on the channel that changes the voice as the player speaks through it (it is not a necessary feature but it would be nice to have if it’s possible)

Hi Serge,

Yes it is possible to get input from a player’s microphone, but it will require coding knowledge.

In the lowlevel API examples in the FMOD API installation, take a look at the “record_enumeration” project to see how to query for and capture input from the microphone and play it back.

You can also use programmer instruments in an event if you’re using an FMOD Studio project.

You can place any DSP effects onto the channel the microphone’s audio is playing through, using Channel::DSP in the API.

If you’re using FMOD Studio, you can place effects onto the event’s tracks or group buses to add effects in real time.

I hope this has helped,

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