SFX crackling in UE4

I need some help. I’m kinda new to all of this and my issue could be more of just knowing sound design better. ive been working on a game and ive created a ton of sounds and set them up to make the world feel more alive. everthing sounds fine until combat happens and the sounds start to over modulate (not sure if thats the right term. basically the events sound like they are crackling). ive made adjustments to the sound lowered the volume, amount of reverb, messed with the EQ, ect but it keeps happening. im not sure if its to many sounds playing at once, but how does any game work if it cant handle more then 2 to 3 sounds at one time? anyone have any tips or ideas on how i can fix this issue im having?

It’s best to attach a Live Update session to your Unreal Engine game and see what could be happening. You should be able to see if there’s a lot of CPU usage or a certain event is too loud or even too many events generating too much sound at once.

Please see our documentation on how to create a new Live Update session.


thank you