Import bank file

Unfortunately after I was hacked I lost my fmod source. Is there a way to import a bank file? Or maybe I could add a second bank with my wanted changes?
I saw Fmod Bank Tools, a rebuild was fine but as the result is bigger I wonder if it could contain malware? Virus in bank binary file is possible?
Many thanks

A built bank is not a compressed archive that contains the original project; it is a proprietary data format designed to be efficiently loaded and used by the FMOD Engine, and so does not contain project data that isn’t necessary for that purpose. As such, “un-building” a bank to get back the original FMOD Studio project is impossible.

If it was possible, unscrupulous players would be able to reverse engineer a game’s banks in order to obtain the source audio files and use them in violation of copyright. We therefore have no interest in supporting un-building banks in future.

While we do support adding supplementary audio content to games by additon additional banks, there are certain requirements that must be met for it to work, as described in the Supporting User Generated and Downloadable Content chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual. Most notably, the master bus GUID used by the supplementary bank must be identical to that in the original bank. Without access to your original FMOD Studio project, this may be impossible to arrange.

When you say “FMOD Bank Tools,” do you mean the fsbank.exe file that ships with the FMOD API? Or a third-party application? If you’re using a third-party application, we have no knowledge of how it functions, and do not know if it is malicious or not.

Without seeing your FMOD Studio project’s original and new settings, we have no way of knowing why your bank files were larger after rebuilding than before. Assuming you’re not using third-party tools that alter the bank format in some way, the most likely explanation is that the rebuilt banks use different compression format and quality settings.

Thanks got it working with