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I am trying to import some kind of plugin into FMOD but I am completely unable. To be more specific I am trying to import this plugin:

In Daw Logic it works perfectly.

The file that I find from the plugin is a .mse and I have put it in the folder:
~ / Library / Application Support / FMOD Studio / Plugins

However nothing appears in FMODStudio. I don’t know if you can’t .mse files; if you need some type of format converter from mse to another that accepts FMOD. But with the documentation that there is it is not clear to me which types of vts can be entered and which ones not.

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FMOD Studio does not support .mse files. These files are to be used in conjunction with VSTs when loaded into a DAW. FMOD Studio supports .dll files and .vst files, however there is a big caveated that these plugins must be developed with FMOD Studio in mind. It’s very hit or miss if a VST will work if just dropped into the FMOD Studio plugins folder. Ideally it will be a dll created specifically for FMOD Studio with an accompanying Javascript file to style correctly within FMOD Studio, and with portability in mind.

For more information, please see our plugin documentation:

Thanks Richard.

And do you know any page where there are free plugins that are compatible with FMOD?

The only one that comes to mind is the CSound Cabbage tool that can export custom made VSTs to FMOD Studio. Most FMOD plugins are either custom made for a specific game or require licenses such as LeSound.

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