Including DLC in a custom engine

I’m trying to include DLC banks into a project run on a custom engine, for the first time.

The engine works fine with the base-game banks, and has for some time. DLC banks are placed in a different area of a directory structure, but loading the new and asset bank files seems to go fine (all the loadBankFile calls return FMOD_OK). Indeed:

  • getEvent
  • createInstance
  • start
    all return FMOD_OK


  • getPlaybackState

This is all how calls to base-game events go, but unlike our base events no audio is actually heard. I’ve been trying to evaluate what might be happening via FMOD Studio’s Live Update feature, which seems to work just fine. My Master Bus contains an OUTPUT group with all of our asset groups underneath it. The new DLC audio entry, however, is present (under the Master Bus, but along side, not within, the OUTPUT group) and is coming up as a “Master Track” entry type. Is this the source of my problems?

Short Version:
Why might an event that’s successfully loaded, retrieved, used to create an instance which successfully calls start and then successfully updates play state not be viewable in Live Update or be heard in-game?

I will link this to the main thread here: No Sound from playing events in DLC Banks