Incorrect 3D Sounds Location

Hi, we’re heavily using sequences in our project and playing FMOD audio on them as well. One thing we discovered is when we start playing an audio at the 0 point of the sequence, if it’s a 3D sound, the volume will be lowered according to where the character is spawned, instead of where the character currently is. We believe we worked-around this issue by playing the audio after the first frame of the sequence.

Is there any known issue like this or anything we can provide to see if it was actually a problem from FMOD library or from our project? We would like to tackle the issue to have a more clear sequence creation pipeline instead of having workarounds. Thanks in advance!


What version of FMOD and Unreal are you using?

I’m having the same issue with FMOD Studio 2.02.10 (and the same version number for the UE4 plugin) and Unreal Engine 4.27. We create a spatialised sound, and the panning follows the source but distance for the volume seems to always be calculated from the original point.

Any ideas?


Would it be possible to test a stripped-out version of your Unreal and FMOD project to test on my side? I was able to reproduce some of the behavior. This can be uploaded to your profile after you have registered a project with us.