3D sound in Unity simply...not working?

Hey all! I’m working on a VR project using Unity, FMOD, and the HTC Vive. I tried using the Oculus SDK and spatializer plug-in by following this guide:

However, the sound in-game does not seem to be located correctly. No matter which emitter I play a sound from, it seems that the sound is coming from a fairly static central area. I thought this might be a problem with the Oculus plug-in, so I got rid of it and tried using FMOD’s built-in 3D panner, but the problem remains. The sound seems to be coming from a static central area. Does anyone have any insight as to why this might be happening? Thanks!

Check the following:

  • You have the FMOD Studio Listener attached to your game camera
  • You’ve added OvrFMODGlobalSettings to a game object in your scene
  • You’re setting the position on the events (if you’re starting them in code yourself)

Oops! I’m stupid. I simply forgot about the position parameter in my code. Thanks a bunch!