Increase Buses in increments in UE4

(Steve Lane) #1


I would like to be able to use a key input in UE4 to increase and decrease the volume of an FMOD bus in stages - ie: press Q to increase 1dB, and A to decrease 1dB.

In UE4 there is a node available for non FMOD events, but i cant seem to replicate this using FMOD

Any ideas?


(Cameron Baron) #2

There are nodes available for controlling volumes: BusSetVolume and FMODAudioComponent->SetVolume are a couple.

These both take in a float value for the percent of volume to use, 100% being the volume set in Studio.

(Steve Lane) #3

Thanks for the response

What i’m actually trying to do is increase the volume by a certain amount on each press – not set it at a specific volume (95% etc) – i would like it to increase an amount/percentage each time.

I guess i could program in each preset level, but was wondering if there is an easier way to do this?

(Steve Lane) #4

esentially im trying to do this, but with an FMOD event!!Ak_EnkWP9ZbbgwSF76OrmAnKwkCt

(Cameron Baron) #5

Here is a quick blueprint I put together:

When you press “O” it will increase the value of the multiplier then pass that to the FMODAudioComponent. Then when you press “L” it will decrease, if the multiplier is greater than zero.

If you wanted to use dB instead of percentage, you would have to add a bit more math to the blueprint as the SetVolume functions only work on percentage of volume set in Studio.

(Steve Lane) #6

Thank you Cameron, i will have a play with this, but looks very useful

Thanks again