Fmod Not Working with UE4 (Tried 4.24 too!)

Hi guys, hope everyone’s good.

I’m trying to boot up UE4 but every time i get the same error - "module ‘FMODStudio’ could not be found.

I’ve tried it with older versions of FMOD too, still to no avail. I initially tried with UE4.25 but thought maybe it was down to the newness of it, but i rolled back and nope, still the same error.

Where am i going wrong? Thanks!

What versions of FMOD and UE4 are you using?

I tried both UE4.24 and UE4.25 with the FMOD latest beta, and also the version before that (i forgot the name, i think it wa slike 100.02 or something).

I downloaded all the FMOD files, the plugin, the original standalone studio, and the other one just to be safe.

Make sure you are following the guide for installing the plugin: