Plugin not recognized

using an fmod project (converted from 1.10.11 to latest) but when re-installing the plugin folder to /engine/plugins or gamename/plugins or attempting to use the plugins menu in UE, FMODStudio is not accessible, no sounds are made. I can’t even get help>Fmodvalidate. :frowning:

error message is 'Plugin 'FMODStudio failed to load because ‘FMODStudio’ could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project.

as far as i can remember, every other UE game i’ve integrated FMOD into, all i had to do was pop the folder in the right place. am i missing something? i’ve read and reread the included instructions, and the UG from this url so many times:
"The FMODStudio plugin can be placed in the Engine/Plugins directory, or in your game’s GameName/Plugins directory.

Please see this page for more instructions:"

Can you tell me the exact FMOD version and the UE4 Engine version you are trying to use?