Integration tutorial issue: AudioPlayableOutput::OnApplyFMOD: Could not get FMOD System

After step 17 ( FMOD - Integration Tutorial ) I’ve run into this issue. I have tried finding and disabling all Unity Audio sources as suggested elsewhere but no luck unfortunately.
Using Unity 2020.3.48f1 and FMOD Unity 2.02.15


Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to replicate the error you’re describing using the Unity and FMOD version that you’re working with. The AudioPlayableOutput::OnApplyFMOD: Could not get FMOD System error is an error that originates from Unity’s Audio system, and points there potentially being a Unity Audio Source still active in the scene. I would recommend double checking that you have disabled all Unity Audio Sources, and that you’ve disabled Unity Audio. Additionally, the “Race Countdown Canvas” GameObject plays the “RaceStart” Timeline asset, which contains an Audio track that may trigger the error - try disabling or deleting that Audio track and seeing whether that makes a difference.

The Race Countdown Canvas was the issue, cheers for the assist!

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