Sporadic FMOD Crashing AudioPlayableOutput


I’m trying to track down an issue where I get the error (in windows Il2cpp builds) (see below) mid-gameplay. I don’t have many leads except that I think it occurs when Im setting 3d attributes for a sound (position) and starting this event with instance.start() - possibly this could happen to the same event instance several times in a frame. May or may not be related.

Could someone please point me in a direction of what could be going wrong here - the error message is cryptic.

I have disabled Unitys sound system in preferences. I have changed the dsp buffer to 256.

Thanks in advance

AudioPlayableOutput::OnApplyFMOD: Could not get FMOD System.

0x00007FFFD8D2F70C (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_SupportsThreads
0x00007FFFD8D324F9 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_SupportsThreads
0x00007FFFD8D22868 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_SupportsThreads
0x00007FFFD9EACDA3 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Memory_Free
0x00007FFFD995F4A1 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Memory_Free
0x00007FFFD97493E3 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_YieldExecution
0x00007FFFD9749946 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_YieldExecution
0x00007FFFD943FAE7 (UnityPlayer) UnityMain
0x00007FFFD943FBB5 (UnityPlayer) UnityMain
0x00007FFFD944331F (UnityPlayer) UnityMain
0x00007FFFD8D650F2 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_SupportsThreads
0x00007FFFD8D638EA (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_SupportsThreads
0x00007FFFD8D680C9 (UnityPlayer) PAL_Thread_SupportsThreads
0x00007FFFD8D6BD5B (UnityPlayer) UnityMain
0x00007FF68F4411F2 (ProjectMetal)
0x00007FF835487BD4 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x00007FF83690CED1 (ntdll) RtlUserThreadStart

further investigation, this may be down to having the Unity audio system disabled in settings - and having an audisource (by accident) in the scene. Still need to confirm this is the case

The FMOD Integration won’t produce that type of log/error, it is likely to do with the built it Unity audio.

Yes it´s internal unity due to audio system being disabled but a timeline accesing an AudioSource