Interest in Cakewalk/FMOD integration


I’m gauging community interest for Cakewalk FMOD integration. My disclaimer is that I have no idea how this would come about nor do I have control to make it happen. I think it’s important since REAPER isn’t a very musical DAW unless you drop $$$ for NI Komplete, which is cost-prohibitive for a lot of indies. I know that there are many composers who used Cakewalk before it died and was resurrected by Bandlab (Lena Raine on Celeste, for example). Cakewalk is also (AFAIK) a Windows-only DAW, which makes it better suited for game development since the game industry is primarily windows-centric. If anyone has any thoughts (or instrument library recommendations), please chime in!

It’s already possible to use Cakewalk (or indeed, any DAW) with FMOD Studio simply by setting your Cakewalk project’s bounce out path to the same place as your FMOD Studio project’s assets folder.

Are there any special features of Cakewalk that you think would benefit from a more complex integration?