Is FMOD trying to copy banks to the wrong folder?

Ah! That isan improvement, but still not perfect. I browse a file in normal UI mode, and it automatically turns into this.

Now the file not found error is C:\Users\albra\Documents\UnityProjects\Magnetops\effects2\Build\Desktop\effects2\Build\Desktop\Master does not exist

Notice how \effects2\Build\Desktop is repeated.

Have you tried deleting the FMODStudioCache.asset again?

SOLVED! So to summarize, other users will want to get version 2.00.01 or later. Take the fspro file out of Assets which was the main issue, and delete FMODStudioCache.asset so it can be regenerated. Thank you very much for your incredible support!

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phew Just glad we managed to get it sorted! Thanks for you help!

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