Copy Banks to StreamingAssets broken on Build Machine after 2.01.08 to 2.01.11 Update

After updating 2.01.08 to 2.01.11 in our Unity 2020.3.18 project, we’re seeing a strange issue on our build machine that results in audio not working at all anymore, here’s what we get in the build logs:

FMOD Studio: Creating editor system instance
FMOD Studio: Encounterd Error: ERR_OUTPUT_INIT Error initializing output device.
FMOD Studio: Encounterd Error: ERR_INVALID_HANDLE An invalid object handle was used.
=> on UpdateCache() / CreateSystem()

FMOD Studio: copy banks for platform Windows : copying banks from fmod/Build/Desktop to [CorrectPath]/Assets/StreamingAssets succeeded
=> but the files are *not* there after this operation! They are in fmod/Build/Desktop (at least where I am looking, which is [CorrectPath]/fmod/..., i.e. fmod is next to Assets in the Unity project folder)

and then lots of (for all the different events):

FMOD Studio: Unable to find FMOD Event "event:/Player/Error" in scene "MainMenu" at path "/MainMenuUI" 
- check the FMOD Studio event paths are set correctly in the Unity editor

The last error message obviously tells me that the events are “gone”. The weird thing is: This works fine with the same project on my local machine. It only fails on the build machine.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

What OS are you running on your build machine? If it’s Windows, One things to check is that the “Windows Audio” service is running on the build machine.
Go to Start>Windows Administrative Tools>Services, scroll down to “Windows Audio”, right click and either Start or Restart, then try building again.
If that doesn’t work / the service is already running, can you please change your Logging Level in Unity FMOD Settings to “LOG” and send over all the output up to and including this error?