Banks are dublicated after build

Unity 2021.1.19, 2021.1.20 Fmod 2.01.11 IL2CPP Build

FMOD Studio project build path: unityProjectPath/Assets
Single platform (PC) in StreamingAssets directory

After building the game my banks are duplicated from Assets/StreamingAssets to Assets/StreamingAssets/StreamingAssets directory

Editor.log (936.1 KB)

In the FMOD Integration settings, what is your FMOD Bank Sub Folder set to? If it is set to “StreamingAssets”, just set it to blank and it should prevent the double up. Let me know if that’s not the case and I’ll investigate further!

My Build path set to Assets folder. Events are playing and worked

If I set it to Empty of Assets/StreamingAssets folder - I have exeptions “EventNotFoundException: [FMOD] Event not found ‘event:/Environment/Interactive/Doors/Door Residential/FE_Door_Residential_Broken’” and no one event are play

Also if I select Build Path and write per char word Asset - my editor is hold on for 2 minutes :slight_smile:

That is strange- so just confirming:

  • Everything plays fine when Build Path is set to “Assets”, but there is an error in the FMOD Settings?
  • Nothing plays when the Build Path is set to “Assets/StreamingAssets”, but there is no error in the FMOD Settings?

Where are your banks located? Are they just in “<project_name>/Assets” or somewhere else?

Yes. All working but I have banks duplication after build and warnings. No events errors

I do not have error in the FMOD Settings but Nothing plays and I have errors Event not found.

My Banks location: <project_name>/Assets/StreamingAssets

After testing I understand new Build path logic.
Before game start build Banks copied from Build path to AssetBundles folder path.

It’s nice but newly created files in streaming assets are not removed from StreamingAssets folder after build and I have new files in my git in Build path and same in StreamingAssets path. After the build, I need manually delete files from StreamingAssets. It’s not very nice :frowning:
It would be nice to delete copied banks and folder after build automatically.

In prev versions, I set path to StreamingAssets in FMODSettings and build banks in StreamingAssets from FMOD Studio project. That was enough and everything worked well.

I think the problem is that FMOD copies built banks to the StreamingAssets folder automatically before a build, and because you have manually moved them there FMOD is copying your manually created StreamingAssets directory into the auto-generated StreamingAssets directory.
To prevent banks duplicating when building I suggest modifying your setup like so:

Thanks for the info. It’s good for solo dev but I am working in a remote team and copied banks added to git all time after build. After that I manually remove banks and this is very annoying.
Best way to add auto-remove banks from project streaming assets after finished build.
Start Build - CopyFiles - BuildComplete - ClearFiles = Nice clean project :slight_smile:

Please add this feature in near future releases.

I can see how that would be annoying and create a lot of source control noise, I have passed this along to the Dev team so they can look into a way of cleaning up the project’s StreamingAssets folder after a build.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks, Jeff. Have a nice day.