Is it possible to get the name of an audio file played by a shuffle?

I have a simple event with only a multi instrument that has 5 sound files on shuffle. Now I need a way to identify in Unity which of those sounds was chosen by the shuffle. Is it possible?
Btw, i’m using FMOD v. 2.00.03 in Unity 2019.1.10f1.

There is no way for a game’s code to identify the specific audio file played by a multi instrument at this time.

There are other methods of playing audio files that do allow you to identify the audio file being played. You could, for example, use single instruments and logic markers, as destination markers produce callbacks when reached by the timeline playback position. Another option would be to use a programmer instrument instead of a multi instrument, and handle the randomization of the audio file to be played in your game’s code.

Oh well… I wanted to avoid it since I have multiple similar events, but I think I’m gonna do what you said and change to individual tracks with single instruments, and maybe use a parameter to handle randomization from the Unity side. Thanks for the fast reply!