Is parameter randomization even?

I’m currently implementing a system to randomly choose a marker jump based on a parameter which is randomly modulated. What I get is that while playing the event everything seems to work: the jump go randomly to one of the markers. On the other hand, when the event is inserted in another timeline, most of the time the lower value get triggered.
The value is set to the middle, and the 100% randomization covers all its range.

I know I could obtain the same effect with what you call “logic point”, but I would like to keep the parameter to have the possibility to control it from outside in a second moment.

Hello Gianmarco,

This certainly looks like a bug. We are having our team investigate further as to why Nested Events are more biased towards lower random modulated values.

In the meantime, you can workaround this by using the logic points which you have already mentioned, or in game code.

One way is you can script a random value to be used by the game parameter each time the event is played in game code.

Another way is if you place the Random Modulator on the Event Sound module’s parameter property (not on the Event itselfs Game Parameter) and script adjusting the Game Parameter’s value slightly at each play. Doing this seems to resolve this issue but only for that instance.

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Hi Richard,
is there any news about this bug?

Hi Gianmarco,

We are still investigating this issue and working on a fix for a future update. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee a time this will be resolved.