Is there a way to batch-disable effect for a platform on all events?

We’re currently adding PS5 support for our project and as we’re using 3D Object Spatializer for PS4+PS5 but Oculus Spatializer for Desktop and Mobile, and we have these spatializers assigned to every event, we need to disable Oculus Spatializer for all events on PS5.

I have tried multi-selecting several events but that only changes the event that was selected last.

So, is there a way to batch disable this for all events?

The easiest way to do this is to use a preset effect, as if you set a preset effect to be included only on specific platforms, that setting will affect all effects based on that preset effect.

We generally recommend using preset effects if you are using the same effect with the same settings in multiple events. It allows you to make a change just once in order to affect all events in which that preset effect is used.

If you are not using preset effects, our bulk edit feature does allow you to change the platform inclusion settings of effects in multiple events at once. For this to work, however, the effects to be changed must all have the same index within the signal chain - which is to say, if different events in the multi-selection have different numbers of effects to the left of the effect you want to exclude, you will not be able to bulk edit them. (You can tell in advance whether an attempt to bulk edit an effect will work by looking at the effect’s color: If an effect is not shaded gold, Studio is not able to find an equivalent event in all other events in the multi-selection, and so you will not be able to bulk edit it.)

Hi Joseph,

thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, we don’t have our effects set up as preset effects so we need to rely on the bulk edit feature. And it looks like in FMOD Studio 2.01.11, this does not work as you describe: I select several events, I confirm that the Oculus Spatializer effect is golden (it is, because the effect structure is indeed the same on all events). I change the included/excluded platforms with the (+/-) icon. It is changed for the last event that I had selected but not for all the other ones that I had selected.

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I ended up writing a little console app that iterates over all the event XML-files and adds PS5 to the exclusion list for the Oculus Spatializer plugin. A bit hacky but worked as intended.

Thanks for the bug report. It looks like bulk edit works correctly when changing the include/exclude settings via context menu, but not when doing it via the +/- icon. I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker.

For now, you should be able to work around the issue by bulk editing the effects’ include/exclude settings through the context menu instead of through the +/- icon, or by using your app.