Batch Edit Events - Spatializer


I was here wondering if there’s a way to batch edit a bunch of events, for example, inside a folder. What I’m specifically trying to do is delete all the “individua/unique” Spatializers from them, and add a Spatializer Preset Effect I have set up.

Thanks a lot!

There is an easier way, don’t know how I missed that, but in version 2.00.10 at least you can bulk edit by just selecting multiple events. It seems that bulk mode is active when the event window has a yellow tint:


Adding or removing an effect or spatializer will work for all selected events. If the window isn’t yellow while having multiple events selected, try to click on a spatializer for example and press the shortcut Shift+B to activate bulk edit mode.


Hi, @alexzzen! Thanks a lot for your answer. I’ve tried this way before and for some reason it has not worked in 100% of the cases. And I never understood why. I’ll try it again. Thanks a lot, anyway. And sorry for the delayed answer, for some reason I never received an email with the notification that the thread was updated :confused:

I’m reviving this post because bulk edit on Spatializer settings almost NEVER works for me. I select the first event, then SHIFT-click the last, everything goes yellow, go to the Spatializer, click User and adjust Sound Size and Min Extent. But only the last event is affected, all others retain their previous values.

It’s driving me crazy because sometimes it works and sometimes not and I can’t discern what’s the pattern here.

EDIT: I made a script to automate it, but it still would be good to know how bulk edit works.

Bulk edit only works if the signal chain is exactly the same for each track. If you bulk select events and all-but-one has the same effect chain on the master track, then bulk editing won’t work.This is to prevent inadvertently changing settings on an effect you didn’t mean to.

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Ummm thank you, makes sense, but I still feel that given that events must probably have a single spatializer, changes to that one should be taken into account.

You can place as many spatializers as you need on any track in an event.