Is there a way to speed up setTimelinePosition?


I was noticing during my tests that triggering two different events with the same audio, one a few seconds after the other, introduced a slight delay between them.
As I tried to have more control over the exact timeline position of the events, I saw that there’s a delay of 40ms on average (usually between 30ms and 60ms) between what I’m requesting as a timeline position and what I end up getting.
I tried to flush the commands before and after calling setTimelinePosition, and this calls takes about 40ms, which I guess explains the difference I’m seeing. It seems pretty long for a “simple” function (admittedly I have no idea what’s going on in the engine), so I was wondering if it’s normal and expected, and maybe I should compensate it manually with the average call duration per platform, or if there’s something wrong I must have done in order to get that duration.
Unless I’ve done a mistake somewhere, my banks are loaded with their samples long before that, and the event is not streaming.

Unfortunately 40ms (2 frames) is the best latency possible for non streaming assets, factoring in any streaming, mixer or operating system delays. Although this can also increase depending on the complexity of the event.

Thank you for your answer!