Is there some kind of circular parameter in FMOD? lol for smooth ambient fades around a circular map

There is a scene where the player walks around in a circle. I want to use trigger volumes to change the ambience as you walk around the map, but I’m a bit confused what happens when the player goes around in a full circle back to the start. Cos from min to max, the parameter can create fades between ambiences, but how do I get that fade when jumping from the max of parameter to the min? cos the parameter will have to go from the max value to the min value in an instant, and there wont be any fade

What’s your type of event and how did you implement those fades?

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I’m still planning that out.

I was going to make a 2D action, with an “Area” Parameter, with one track on it, and a bunch of ambiences crossfaded into each other on the track. So the parameter moves with the player around the map, changing which ambience is heard depending on where the player is. But obviously when the player goes full circle around the map and ends up back at the start, there will be no way to crossfade from the end back to the start of the parameter.

Is there a better way to go about this?

Maybe a timeline would work better? with discrete parameters that change what is playing depending on where the player is? And an ADSR modulation creating attack and release?

I dunno.

I’m real curious to know how you would achieve this idea

I could think of a few ways to do it, my main concern is having a nice fade between each ambience loop, and I’m not 100% sure how to do it

Yes, that’s the same problem as the other post we discussed some time ago, you have to make your transitions possible between each possible combination. AHDSR on instruments in a parameter sheet is a solution. A timeline with magnet regions is another.

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Yeah Alci, that AHDSR modulation trick is just a lifesaver in so many situations. I’ve been using it a lot, thanks so much for that.

Would you create the fade in and out the same way with the magnet region on a timeline?

No, the idea with magnet regions is to use its transition timeline to do the fades.

oh awesome. thanks dude really appreciate your help

Hey Alci, The transition timeline works just how I want it going into the magnet region, but then each time the magnet region loops, it replays the transition timeline again, which I do not want.

Is there a way around this other than just using a sustain point, away from the transition region?

I haven’t tested but it should work by adding a loop region without transition timeline, in top of the magnet region.

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Hey Alci. I’ve got it working really well moving forward through the map. but how do I make it smooth from areas that don’t have the pre-existing audio to fade in?

For example, area 1 has a wind, area 4 has no wind. So when I move from Area 4 to Area 1, there’s no wind to fade in with the transition timeline.

Also, moving from area 1 to 2 requires a long transition timeline, but moving from area 4 to 2 requires a really short one.

I cant seem to figure out how to get from 4 to 2 without triggering the long transiton timeline I made for 1 to 2…

I don’t understand. The transition timeline fades all the sources and destinations you’ve set to be faded, whatever is contained in those.

I would recommend you to use normal transition regions, in top of magnet regions, to handle special cases (as going from region 4 to 2…) with a specific transition timeline.

Egh… I figured it out. sorry man. lol. It automatically takes the last instrument it comes from when you add the source into the transition timeline, even if it comes from the otherside of the event. I’m thinking too linearly

thats really cool.