Issue tracking Built-in: Speed (Absoulute) parameter value in Profiler


I’m trying to have the Parameter Built-in: Speed (Absoulute) control the volume of a sound. I’ve added the automation and it works as intended when dragging the parameter-slider up and down. However, since I don’t know the actual range output from the game, It’s very tricky to set the curve in a meaningful way.

So I open up the profiler and run a test, playing the game moveing the actor to change it’s speed and trigger the event. There’s an audible effect, so the parameter seems to be working, but the profiler shows nothing regarding this parameter. The only parameter I can see is for a global parameter used for another event. Is there a known issue with showing the Speed parameter in the profiler, or am I doing something wrong?

Because built-in parameters such as Speed depend on the location of the event emitter relative to the listener, their values can differ from one event instance to the next - which is to say, they’re local parameters, by definition.

There may potentially be dozens or hundreds of event instances with the same local parameters but different local parameter values, so we don’t display all local parameter values in the profiler by default. Instead, to see a specific event instance’s local parameter values in the profiler, you must first select that event instance. You can select an event instance by clicking on its circle in the 3D view, or by setting the profiler to display lifespans and clicking on the event instance’s lifespan in the lifespan graph.

Thank you for the clarification! Didn’t know I was able to view instances by selecting them.