Monitoring Parameters

I don’t see my parameters changing in FMOD when live update is active…Is there a way to monitor parameters?

The current values of global parameters can be viewed in the event editor and mixer.

The current values of local parameters can be viewed in the In the profiler window by selecting the specific event instance whose parameter values you wish to view. Even instances can be selected in the overview, or by clicking on them in the session when the tracks view is set to display lifetimes.

when I open the profiler while playing and linked it doesn’t show anything at all…

You will have to begin recording a profiler session in order to see the recorded values of the parameters in the profiler. Click on the record button, and a session will be created automatically.

ok… getting closer… but I don’t see anyplace to show the incoming parameter changes on the footsteps…

You must select a specific event instance. Click on one of the grey horizontal lines with a dot at one end and a vertical line at the other; you will see its parameter values displayed in the deck.

From there, you can right-click on the knob for whichever parameter you wish and select “Show Graph” or “Show Graph for All Instances” to see the parameter values as graphs in the editor pane.

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thank you!