Issue with FMOD libraries for iOS in 2.02.11

I have upgraded Unity integration to version 2.02.11, and when I try to create an iOS build I get the following error in Xcode:

‘<project_path>/Libraries/Plugins/FMOD/platforms/ios/lib/libfmodstudiounityplugin.a(libfmodstudio_iphoneos.a-arm64-master.o)’ does not contain bitcode. You must rebuild it with bitcode enabled (Xcode setting ENABLE_BITCODE), obtain an updated library from the vendor, or disable bitcode for this target.

Tested on other platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android) they work fine.
Unity version: 2021.3.5f1.
Xcode version: 14.1.

I have also tried downgrading to 2.02.09, and there everything works as expected.

Is there something I misconfigured, or is there some issue with iOS libraries in the latest release?

Thanks in advance,

Apologies for the delayed response. I have reproduced this issue as you have described and notified the Dev team- thank you for bringing this to our attention.
As a workaround, I found that setting “Enable Bitcode” to “No” in the Xcode project’s build settings allows builds to compile and run successfully:

Can you please try doing the same and let me know if that works around the issue?