iOS - library not found for -lfmodstudiounitypluginL

Hi, I’m trying to build my project to iOS and am getting “library not found for -lfmodstudiounitypluginL” in XCode. I’ve built to it properly in the past but something must have changed with my FMOD setup. I’ve checked my Assets/Plugins/FMOD/lib/ios folder and it does contain that file, but for some reason it’s not copying it over to the iOS build directory. Any ideas on how to fix this?

(I’m on FMOD for Unity 2.01.10 + Unity 2019.4.28f1)

I ended up selecting that plugin file in Unity and marking it for the iOS platform and it worked. Not sure why it wasn’t already set to that and whether or not this is the correct solution?

That’s been happening with a few people lately, we still haven’t pinned down what the cause is, but you are correct setting it yourself should get it building properly again. Have you recently updated from a different version of FMOD?

Weird thing is it seems to be clearing out the iOS platform checkmark in the “libfmodstudiounityplugin” plugin on build. So I’m still having to manually drag over that file to the build folder each time.

Have you recently updated from a different version of FMOD? I have not been able to reproduce this in 2.01.10 but if you previously had an older version of FMOD that might be affecting the build behaviour.