Issue with Multisound Module Looping

Just as the title says, Im having some issue with the loop of a multisound module.

The behaviour I was looking for is when I adjust a loop region bounds for the sounds in the multisound playlist to trigger as the loop region begins and then cut them off for the next sound in the playlist to where the loop region is set.

It seems right now if the loop region is set to loop before the multisounds full bounds it will trigger the sound once and then stop completely.

Would appreciate any help, I’m on FMOD version 01.08.12.

If you want a multi sound module to retrigger due to a loop in 1.08.xx, the loop region must cause the playback position to leave and then reenter the trigger region each loop. This is because trigger regions are triggered when they’re entered by the playback position; If the playback position does not leave and then re-enter the trigger region, the trigger region will not be retriggered.

Therefore, you must adjust the lengths and positions of your sound module trigger region and loop region such that at least one end of the loop region extends beyond the sound module.

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