Issue with Scatterer Sound - Fmod 01.09.06

Hey guys, I’m having a strange issue where a scatterer sound module on a parameter track is not playing when called into game, I’ve got 2 tracks in the event and on the parameter, one is being called while the other is not, as long as the cursor is touching both tracks vertically in the timeline as it moves, both in theory should, sound, right?

This is for general sustained ambiences so once an ambience is triggered by the parameter, it should continue to sound - and the scatterer sound module with it, but it is not for some reason.

I have a few questions to narrow down your issue.
When you say “parameter track”, do you mean audio track or parameter?
Are the instruments on the timeline or a game parameter?
Do either of your scatterer instruments have trigger conditions other than the defaults when you check their trigger behaviour drawers?
Do either of the scatterer instruments have a min or max scatter distance greater than 0?
Do either of the scatterer instruments’ playlists include single instruments or event instruments?

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Hey Joesph! Thanks for your reply, my apologies I’ll try to clarify further -

By ‘parameter track’ what I mean is an audio event that has a parameter attached so now sounds are being placed directly on the parameter value track instead (‘speed’ for example, rather than the normal timeline).

There’s nothing on the regular timeline, just audio placed on the parameter track.

No trigger behaviour conditions set in the scatterer module.

The distance is greater than 0 on the sound… could this be the cause of the issue? It is currently set between the values of 1 - 1.00K

And the playlist inside the scattered module contains multiple pieces of audio, so it’s like a multisound container essentially.

If you set both scatterers’ min and max distance to 0 then rebuild and re-export your banks, do both scatterers play audibly in-game?
Also, what are the scatterers spawn intervals, and do either of them have a spawn total of less than oo?

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