It is hard to give a title to this problem

Hello everyone,

So, my problem is simple to explain but unfortunately I did not found the solution yet, that is why I am asking you for help :). I am doing sound design for a mobile game using FMOD Studio 1.09.06. Every time the ambiance (forest with winds, howls and birds) is playing in the background and a new event plays over it, it boosts the ambiance volume. So, for example the ambiance is playing and a “open”/“close” or a “booster select” sfx plays over this ambiance it creates an effect like ducking but in reverse, so it brings the ambiance up for a short moment, volume wise. This problem is mostly prominent on mobile devices. On devices such as laptop, headphones etc. it is almost not audible.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Tuan,

I’ve tested using a similar setup with Android and the FMOD Studio example project, but have not noticed any volume boosting when other events play at the same time.

It is possible that the mobile devices you are using have some kind of built-in normalizer or compression setting for playing through speakers to ensure quieter audio isn’t lost through the small speakers. Please have a check through your settings and phone’s user manual to see if such a setting is adjustable.


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