Some sounds are playing in the editor, but not on mobile

Hello :slight_smile:
We’re working on a mobile game and have been using FMOD for quite some time, and haven’t encountered that type of thing before.
We’ve implemented some sounds in the lobby scene, and in the editor all sounds work the first time the scene gets loaded.
On both iOS and Android, however, they initially don’t. They play only after opening another scene (unloading the lobby) and reloading it again.

Worth noting:

  • Currently we still don’t use asset bundles, so all banks load at the beginning of the game.
  • To see if the sounds actually get passed to FMOD I’ve connected an Android phone to FMOD studio, as well as enabled the debug menu. According to the debug menu the sound plays, and according to the FMOD mixer it should play as well.
  • In the same scene there’s background music that plays with no issues.
  • The mixer doesn’t seem muted (didn’t have the orange dot indicating a change in volume). We don’t have snapshots that mute this specific mixer, and we don’t do that through code either.
  • We’re using FMOD Studio 2.02.11, and the FMOD unity version 2.02.13. The editor’s version is 2021.3.16f1.

Any ideas\suggestion will be very much appreciated.
Please let me know if any more detail is necessary.


With the following FMOD Integration settings:
Could you attach Logcat and let me know if you are seeing FMOD errors being logged?