It's possible have two different mixers (stereo and mono) in the same project?

Hi everyone. A quick question.

With Fmod Studio it’s possible make two different mixers in the same project? Stereo and the downmixing to mono.
The idea is know if you hear in a mobile-phone/table speaker or with headphone, and choose the best way for you.
Anyone ever done this?


Hey Adrian, I would just leave FMOD in the highest channel format you will be delivering and then set your sound card or hardware output to downmmix to the format you want to monitor in. We use the RME Fireface 802 as our hardware I/O which you can easily setup different monitor mixes, as well as set EQ’s to simulate a phone or small speaker set. You could also setup an EQ on your FMOD Master Bus to emulate this, or even better, a small speaker IR using the FMOD Convolution Reverb.

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1.08 is coming out very soon and it has the feature of being able to create different ‘platforms’ (named by the user) and different speaker modes per ‘platform’. This would allow you to have 1 surround, and 1 stereo target.

FMOD doesn’t have a mono target speaker mode, you’d have to just rely on stereo->mono folddown in that case.

Thanks Jesse and Brett.