Mixing different outputs (5.1 + stereo) in Unity/Fmod

Hey, dear fmodders!
I have a new VR project in Unity/Fmod and i need your help with outputs setup.
In this project we are doing a spaceship with 2 rooms. Each of the rooms would have a different gameplay.
In the first room we are planning to have:

  1. 5.1 audio system where most of the sfx and music would go
  2. 4 separated speakers, placed on each playing console, where some personal sounds would go, for example, UI sounds of each console.

In the second room we are planning to have

  1. Stereo output that will play only when players will go to the second room to participate in some part of the quest there

So, my question is: how to route this all in Fmod? For your convenience i have a scheme of what im planning to do

I would really appreciate you sharing your ideas with me!

So this will involve 2 Effects: Transceivers and Channel Mixers. You will want to have an event as the origin:

Then we will want to set up events to act as each speaker in the room:

Which then uses the channel mix to isolate the channel that we want to hear. Repeat this for the stereo setup.

You can use FMOD Studio | The Sandbox to test the event/speakers in different configurations to get the setup you want.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much, Connor! I will try this and ask some additional questions if I face any issues

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