jumping to timeline markers from code without using milliseconds

I was wondering if it is possible to jump to a specific timeline marker from code, using the timeline marker name (the string) instead of having to write in the specific milliseconds.

Setting the specific milliseconds works for us, but it seems a little messy, as we often change the location of the markers in the project.

The main reason for us to want this is in save/load issues of a puzzle game. In the game we have several parameters which controls how the music plays and jumps to transitions and markers. When the game has been saved and loaded again we could force it to jump to a specific marker by setting in conditionals for all the possible combinations in the parameters, but if possible it would be much easier if we could just jump directly to a marker in the timeline, using the specific marker name we have set in the fmod project.
Is this possible without knowing the exact position in milliseconds?

This is not currently possible to do in the public API. There isn’t any way to know where the markers are on the timeline until they are traversed.

Although it should be possible to setup in FMOD Studio, as you said, with parameters, transitions and conditions.

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