Keep playing the same instrument during and after transition timeline?

Is it possible to make an instrument keep playing when there is a transition timeline? If I drag the source or destination handles the instrument is retrigged, but I just want it to keep playing.

Basically I want the same instrument to play before the transition line, in the transition timeline and after the transition timeline, but I cannot figure out a way to make that happen…

This is how I have it set up (the instrument is set to play async):

Transition timelines only retrigger instruments on the timeline. If you put your instrument on a parameter other than the timeline, it will play without being retriggered by your transition timeline.

As of the time of writing (July of 2019), the method I described above is the only way to prevent a transition timeline from retriggering instruments.

It’s also worth mentioning that transitions without transition timelines do not retrigger instruments. You may therefore be able to replace some of your transition timelines with transitions to unused sections of the timeline, though this solution may not fit your project’s requirements.

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