Lastest fmodex and how to do transition to new libraries

we are using fmodex in an old software and now encounter some problems on a few Windows 10 PC’s. On a few Pc’s muting a sound on one stereo channel does not work, the sound can suddenly be heard on the other channel.

I have two questions:

  1. What is the latest version of fmodex and fmodex64 and where can we download it?
  2. If we want to move to the latest libraries, are there any transition documents that can help us to estimate the work?

Thanks for the help


Hi Olaf,

Please register your project here and I’ll enable FMOD Ex access for you.

There’s some information on moving from FMOD Ex to FMOD Studio here :

I have registered the project. Can I please have access to the download.

Thanks Olaf. I’ve enabled access to the FMOD Ex downloads for you.

Hello Andrew,
i need to download the to get an older software to run on raspberry pi. Can you please give me accsess to it?
Best regards

I have enabled access for you Alexander.

Hello Andrew, may I have access to the fmodex as well? I’m working on game development for an older game.

Many thanks

Access granted.