Need last FMODex version with Delphi headers

Good day everyone.

We’re, a non-commercial community that develops an indie fan-game called DOOM 2D: Forever since 2004.
Our Delphi/FPC codebase uses FMODex for a long time, but library and headers versions are mismatching at the moment. It worked somehow, but recently I found a bug possibly related to this. And I want to test with proper library and headers to debug it.

Could you please grant me access to the latest FMODex version that had Delphi headers?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve put FMOD Ex 4.19.00 on our download page and enabled access for you.

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Thank you very much!
Is there any chance you still have 4.19.0 also for other platforms (Mac / Linux / Android / etc)? We’re crossplatform. :slight_smile:

I’ve put up Linux and Mac. We didn’t support Android back then.

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I’m also a Delphi developer, i am thinking about use fmod with my projects. How can i download it?


I have granted you access to the FMOD Ex Downloads.

HI Andrew

I program in Delphi for personal use, and use Fmod 3.60 in my Delphi programs is it possible to get access to FMOD Ex 4.19.00 too? 3.60 is a little dated now, although still functional,


Access granted.

I have tried as well to get a hold of the Designer 4.19.00 version to use on old projects, even on webarchive and had no luck, is there any version still available at all?
Anything related to 4.19.00 builds and up would be amazing.

Access granted.

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