Learning FMod

So I’m wondering about how to learn this software, but I think I have a fundamental problem.

I have no game project so to speak, to practice with. Or no knowledge of programming and how to “tie” an FMod session or whatever to a game platform or ‘runner’ or SDK, such as Unity. But I’d really like to try experimenting with FMod and learning how to use it. I tried opening it up before, importing some audio, moving it around on the timeline, tried fading audio in and out, the AudioGaming plugins that come with it by default. Everything works. The problem is, now, how do I use it?

It’s really too bad like, if there’s no way for anyone to get their hands on a template or something of this nature that incorporates a game project with a blank “audio canvas” so to speak, so that you can try everything out, properly.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I really want to learn, but how can I put it to use/make it practical without some kind of game engine or visuals to attach it to?

I also heard there would be some official FMod courses coming out, in which case, I’m sure that would be as good an opportunity, as any. But I’d like to experiment or “start”, really. Any help/tips?

Try this: make your own toy Mixer/DAW. Something like Reaper.


I’m sure FMOD’s API offers the features necessary to implement something like Reaper.

Also, it should keep you entertained. ;). Cheers.

Already know what a DAW is.