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Hi there!

I have been setting up functionality and systems for a unity project and will be adding art in the near future. While off in the distance right now, we are thinking of trying fmod for the music & sfx. It looks to be an extremely promising solution for us, as we will be working with a friend of mine who is an experienced musician and composer, and thus could leverage the potential of dynamic music in the game. Some questions are:

  1. Could anyone point me to some learning resources for getting familiar with fmod studio? I will be going extensively through the documentation for sure (I’ve seen some say that the documentation is out-of-date, but I’m sure this is not the case!), but would love it if there were any up-to-date youtube videos as that is usually more effective for me personally.

  2. There is to be no communication between our studio and the fmod support team unless we pay the 5k correct? Just double checking. (If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re an indie team here)

  3. Please forgive me in advance for asking this as I have no knowledge of the fmod ecosystem but… this product isn’t going anywhere anytime soon right? I can’t wait to dive in and learn it all, but want to make sure fmod follows me on my journey!

Thanks so much, and apologies for the length,


Hi and welcome!

  1. I’ve learn FMOD Studio quite recently. After starting with a few youtube videos for getting the basics on adaptative music with FMOD, the most useful resources I found was the exemple project that’s included with FMOD Studio installation and the Celeste project. I would encourage you to start with the exemple project, open each event and read its info (down left) ; you won’t understand everything at the beginning but you’ll come back to it regularly, until it’s all clear. The Celest project is fantastic, but it takes some time to digest the content. You should buy the game, play the game with FMOD connected with live update, and after each level or an interesting audio sequence, dive into the FMOD project to find out what’s going on. Also look the 3h video from Kevin Ragamey, the sound designer of the game. There’s also some Unity based tutorials but I haven’t get through them yet (since I’m not interested by Unity at the moment).

  2. I have no clue about that.

  3. It seems to me FMOD is growing at a steady pace and has found its place in the ecosystem to become one of the leaders. I doubt that will change soon.

Our official learning resources are on our learn FMOD page. We regularly update the FMOD Studio User Manual, FMOD API User Guide, and integration documentation, so they’re usually up-to-date. The tutorials were written for specific versions of the FMOD Studio suite, and so may be partly out-of-date if you’re using a later version.

Of course, the greatest learning resource is asking questions, so congratulations for taking that first step!

Even without a support plan, you can still ask questions and report issues on this forum.

Forum support tickets are assigned a lower priority and fewer resources than e-mail support tickets, but we do still try to help if we can. We also often wait a while before answering forum threads, in the hopes that some helpful member of the community will beat us to the punch. (Alcibiade is an especially helpful member of the community, for example.)

You’ve got nothing to worry about. FMOD is the oldest established commercially-available audio middleware in the world, has a large user-base, and isn’t going anywhere. Its latest iteration, FMOD Studio, is our flagship product, and we plan to continue developing and supporting it far into the future.

@Alcibiade @joseph Thank you both so much! Lots of great resources here and I am now definitely motivated to get into it in the next few weeks. Cheers!