Linking Audio Together

Is there a way to link two audio tracks or clips together so that if one is selected at random from a parameter/condition then the linked audio will play as well?

Probably yes, but could you clarify your question? What do you mean by “selected at random”?

I am using some city sounds and vehicle noise as background… Each vehicle has a different audio track and some have two audio tracks for different samples. All tracks are set to 30% probability to be more natural/random. So, for example, a car has a road noise audio track and a separate track for a horn. Within these two tracks each sound has multiple different options… so is it possible to link the car track to the car horn track so that it is guaranteed they will play alongside each other if one is selected? I hope this makes more sense. Thank you for your help:)

Your question is so trivial (no offense here!) that I’m not absolutely sure I understand. Feel free to post screenshot to clarify if I didn’t get it.
From what I understand, you want 2 tracks to be always played together and synchronized. The solution is simple: you combine those 2 tracks in an independent or nested event (event instrument). You then call this event instead of the two individual tracks it contains, in your “super-event”, so they will always be played together and treated as a unique object.

I am very new to fmod, still learning.
All my samples are from the same environment though as part of the city sounds, if I make a new event just for two audio tracks it will remove them from the city event no?

Thanks for the screenshot. How is configured your 30% probability and on which object? In which circumstances will a track play or not play?
What’s the purpose of all this event? Why is there fades in and out on looping tracks? And why is the transition region quantized (green vertical lines), though it seems to be non rhythmic content?

Each instrument/audio clip has the probability turned on and set to 30%.
This way each clip has a 30% chance being played to help convey a city environment…Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 21.45.09

Ok, I see. (look at my previous post, I updated it with some more questions)
So the purpose of your fades in/out are for the case the instrument goes to playing to not playing at next loop (or the opposite), however that’s not ideal for the case the instrument plays twice in a row… I think you should find something else for that. But it wasn’t your question.
You should do exactly what I said: your Ambience_Car and Horn tracks should be included in a nested event instead of being directly in the event, that way you can configure a trigger probability on the nested event itself, that will apply to all its content (both tracks).

Ok will give that a try. thanks