Listener appears to be in the origin when it is actually on my camera

Hi, currently I´m trying to integrate FMOD into my unity project.
I have integrated FMOD with my footsteps system and works great, the only problem is that the footsteps volume decreases the further I go from the origin of the scene.
My set up is:
A first person game with a character that has two StudioEventEmitters one in each foot, the camera attached to the head bone in the rig and the Studio Listener is in the camera. The EventEmitters that play the foots steps are set to an Event in the bank that has all my footsteps and I play the event with StudioEventEmitter.Play() on a different component when the foot steps on the ground.

All this works fine, the only problem is that the listener appears to be in the origin of the scene and not in the camera.

A few other things to note which make this even more confusing is that I also have three static sounds that are close to the origin and when the character is near they all sound fine but when it moves away from the origin the sound quite low. This just makes me think that the listener in my camera is working somehow but its getting blended with some other listener that I have not placed myself.

Also the panning in the FMOD event is 3D.

Any help is much appreciated.

Is the StudioEventEmitter for the footsteps attached to the player?
Calling Play() will play it from the object that contains the script.

Do you have multiple listeners in the scene?