Connect FMOD to Unity Game Error

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Hi! I can’t get FMOD (1.07) synced to my Unity ( Game.
I do the following:

  1. I add ‪#‎define‬ LIVE_UPDATE at the beginning of FMOD_StudioSystem script

  2. In FMOD: I save the project, build banks and export GUIDS

  3. In Unity: I Import the banks (or Refresh Event List). Save the project and Save Scene. Play the game (the scene is empty).

4 In FMOD: File/Connect to game - IP Address: localhost - Push Connect

FMOD give me back this message:

"Studio was unable connect to “localhost” as a connection error occurred: “Socket Error”

Please check that the IP address is correct, the game is running and live update is enabled"

WHY?? How can I get it working?

Check out this post:

I’ve seen it, but I don’t have no FMOD_StudioSystem.cpp script after importing fmodstudio10701.unitypackage into unity. There is a FMOD_StudioSystem.cs . Is that the same?

The post you suggested me speak about line 258. My line 258 of FMOD_StudioSystem.cs has the following code:

(first line 257)
[this is my line n258]
FMOD.Studio.UnityUtil.Log(“FMOD_StudioSystem: System_Create”);
ERRCHECK(FMOD.Studio.System.create(out system));

	FMOD.System sys;
	ERRCHECK(system.getLowLevelSystem(out sys));
	advancedSettings.randomSeed = (uint) DateTime.Now.Ticks;

(end of code)

If I put there that code console give ma back an error. What to do? Is there the script already modified?

The correct define is FMOD_LIVEUPDATE

Read the documentation here:

Thanks Nicholas,

that was the issue. just adding #define FMOD_LIVEUPDATE in FMOD_StudioSystem.cs script FMOD Connect straight at localhost:9265

Such a simple mistake!