FMOD Studio 2.01.07 Profiler Connects to Unity, but Events Aren't Recorded

Hi Folks,
I can enable Live Update, and it appears that data is recording, but it doesn’t appear as though audio is being received in the Profiler’s Master, and no events are being registered. We’re using FMOD 2.01.07 and Unity 2020.3.1f1.

Thanks Matt!

I know this sounds stupid, but I think I remember having this kind of behavior if there were either no project loaded in FMOD, or maybe another version of the project. Did you try to simply rebuild up-to-date banks and import them in Unity?

Haha, not a stupid question, you do make a valid point in that the dev pushed their FMOD settings, and they were using multiplatform build, instead of connecting to the project. I did make sure to switch that back, though, and reconnect the FMOD project. The update to Unity 2020 was fairly recent, and I don’t recall if I ran the Profiler on this particular project before then.

Looking at your screenshot, the record button in the transport bar isn’t highlighted. Click it to begin recording.

Hi Joseph,
The screenshot was taken after recording. You can see that there’s no waveform and no event tracks, after the fact.

Thanks, Matt

This issue is still unresolved for me. If if helps, I’m seeing the error [FMOD] FMOD_OS_Net_Listen : Cannot listen for connections, port 9264 is currently in use in Unity, even though FMOD is telling me Live Update is active.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Matt

[FMOD] FMOD_OS_Net_Listen : Cannot listen for connections, port 9264 is currently in use suggests that some other application is already using that port. I suggest you check which application is using it. On Windows, this can be achieved by running the command prompt in terminal mode and running netstat; on macOS, you can use the Port Scan tab of the Network Utility app.

Hi, I’m also unable to use Live Update on macOS. FMOD Studio and Unity Integration are versions 2.01.07. I’m seeing the same error: Cannot listen for connections, port 9264 is currently in use.

I have run the port scan as recommended, and it shows the port as being open:

Port Scan has started…

Port Scanning host:

  • Open TCP Port: 9264*
    Port Scan has completed…

The remedy for us was to update to 2.01.09.


Hi Matt, thanks for your response! I’ve upgraded FMOD Studio to 2.01.09, but I’m still seeing the same issue. My Unity Integration version is 2.1.7. I have read this can happen when there is a version mismatch, but I don’t see there is a newer version of the Unity Integration. (Perhaps I’m missing something?) My Unity project is on Unity version 2020.1.17f1, so perhaps it’s related to the version difference. (Hopefully someone at FMOD can help with this?)

Unfortunately, we’re currently waiting for version 2.01.09 of our Unity integration to be verified by Unity. It’ll be made availalble as soon as verification is complete.

Thanks for the response. Does this feature just not work on 2.1.7? Or are you able to help me get it working on that version?

When we test here, we have no problem profiling Unity version 2020.3.1f1 using FMOD Studio version 2.01.07. Unfortunately, without knowing why it isn’t working for you, it’s hard for us to pinpoint what you need to do to get it working.

Does the issue occur if you create a new FMOD Studio project with one event and new Unity project, install the FMOD integration, add a single event emitter for the event, and connect via live update?

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So glad you asked this. I created a new Unity project with a single emitter, but as a test I set it up to use my existing FMOD Studio project. I was able to connect to Live Update without issue, monitor the audio level in the mixer, solo groups, etc.

I added two more emitters related to particular groups and verified muting, changing volume, etc. was all working in real-time.

What might be wrong with our existing Unity project that would cause Live Update to not work, or only work intermittently? Maybe something went wrong with a version upgrade? A DLL wasn’t correctly deleted or etc?

I don’t currently know of any issue that could cause this behavior, unless you updated to a new major version of FMOD Studio part-way through development of your game.

Version 2.01.09 has now been verified by Unity. Does updating to this new version (as millertone suggested) resolve the issue?

No, I was able to find a place to download the 2.01.09 Unity Integration previously, and installing it didn’t seem to help anything. What do you think about completely removing FMOD from the Unity project and re-installing the integration?

Without being able to reproduce the issue here, I can’t be sure if it’ll work. It’s probably worth trying, though.

I removed everything from my Unity project related to FMOD except the FMOD Studio project itself, references to Components on GameObjects, and my own FMOD scripts. Then, I added FMOD Unity Integration 2.01.10 to the project and restarted Unity. Finally, I configured FMOD to point to the FMOD Studio project again. At that point, Live Update started working.

I can’t say yet whether it will be working intermittently or consistently, but so far so good. :+1:

I’m glad to hear you were able to get it working. I’ll continue trying to reproduce the issue here, so that hopefully we can prevent this form happening again.

For the sake of continuing to troubleshoot, I wanted to let you know what’s happened since my last post.

We are using Git for version control. A branch I had been making FMOD changes on was out of date, so I merged in our main branch (which included the commits which removed FMOD Integration and reinstalled it). After merging the main branch in, Live Update stopped working.

At this point, I repeated the operation of removing FMOD from the project. I committed the removal those files, and then proceeded to install the 2.01.10 Integration again. After restarting Unity, I was unable to perform the Linking in the FMOD Setup Wizard. It had several errors while trying to render the form:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to instance of an object
(at Editor/BankRefresher.cs:53)
Object at index 0 is null
(at Mono/SerializedObject.bindings.cs:22)

Et cetera. So, I checked out all files to revert any new changed and get back to my commit where I had removed FMOD, then added the Integration again. This time, Unity crashed twice while the code was recompiling. Finally, Unity loaded, the Wizard started working, and I was able to connect to the game with Live Update again.

I’m wondering if there’s some issue happening related to using version control with FMOD. We do have the following files being stored in LFS:

libfmodstudiounityplugin.a filter=lfs diff=lfs merge=lfs -text
libfmodstudiounitypluginL.a filter=lfs diff=lfs merge=lfs -text

I’m not sure if there’s any chance that’s related. Additionally, these files are in .gitignore




/Assets/Audio/FMOD Project/.cache

Ignore the Cache folder since it is updated locally.


Ignore bank files in the StreamingAssets folder.



Update: Some things have happened since. This work I did to resolve Live Update breaking again (removing FMOD Integration and re-installing it) I did on a new branch, branched off the feature branch in which master had been merged. Live Update worked on that branch, but once I checked out the original feature branch and merged in the new branch with the work to resolve the issue, Live Update stopped working again. Not only that, but after changing back to the new branch, which was previously working, and on which nothing was changed aside from changing branches, Live Update was now broken there.

So Live Update seems to break when changing branches, and the breaking is permanent until FMOD is removed and re-installed. What could the cause of this be?