Load Bank Node Bug - Sample Data Not Loaded?

Hello, I’m trying to use the “Load Bank” node in UE4, and I seem to have run into a bug. I have a Master bank that’s 1 GB in size, and I’m using the Memory_GetStats function to monitor the memory usage.

When I use the Load Bank node on Begin Play, and set Load Sample Data to True, the max memory usage starts around 1 GB, and the current also starts high, but over the span of a few seconds it drops down to 13 MB. However in the Project Settings if I set “Load All Sample Data” to true, the current memory usage doesn’t drop and it stays around 1 GB for the remainder of the game. As further proof that the sample data might not be getting loaded properly through the Load Bank node, I can also notice the difference in audio latency - if I use the Load Bank node with Load Sample Data checked, my events have more of a delay compared to if I check “Load All Sample Data” in the Project Settings. I also found out that this only seems to be a problem with the Load Bank node, and if I use the Load Event Sample Data node, the samples do seem like they’re loaded. As a test I used the Load Bank node, and also used the Load Event Sample Data node for all the events in my Master Bank, and the current memory usage stayed near 1GB as expected.

Is this a known bug, or am I using this node wrong? I thought checking “Load Sample Data” in the Load Bank node would load the sample data for all of the events under that bank. Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

Just a quick update: I found out that the “Load Bank Sample Data” node also works properly, so the issue only seems to be with the “Load Bank” node when Load Sample Data is checked. I couldn’t find it anywhere, but I assume the “Load Bank Sample Data” and “Load Event Sample Data” nodes are both non-blocking?

Another update - mystery solved! I realized that this was happening because I was trying to use the Load Bank node on the Master bank, which is already loaded automatically. The node works fine on other banks. The problem was that I had “Load All Sample Data” unchecked in my project settings, and I assumed calling “Load Bank” with Load Sample Data checked would do the same thing as calling the “Load Bank Sample Data” node.

Even if the bank was loaded before, I would have still expected calling Load Bank with Load Sample Data checked to load the sample data, if the sample data wasn’t loaded with the bank earlier. But I also understand that this is somewhat of an edge case, and maybe you guys have already thought about this scenario before.