Profiler Crash when Banks are "non blocking"

Hey Friends,
we currently are implementing out bank loading system and since we changed the bank loading from “always loaded” to “non blocking” our Editor (UE4 4.1.25. w Fmod 2.00.07) crashes when we start profiling with the live connect.

Our workaround so war was to have all banks always loaded.
Do you have a better fix for this problem? :slight_smile:

Another question: is there a way to get more detailed memory information (e.g. which samples are specifically loaded) ?

Thank you so much
Phil K

Thanks for raising this. I’ve tried to reproduce the issue as best as I understand but did not encounter a crash. Can I ask you to clarify a couple of points please?

  1. Which versions of UE4, FMOD Studio and the FMOD UE4 integration are you using? You mentioned UE4 4.1.25, I guess you probably mean 4.25.1? And FMOD 2.00.07 but there is no UE4 4.25 integration for 2.00.07; 2.00.10 was the first FMOD version to add an integration for UE4 4.25

  2. Could you elaborate on what you mean by switching from “always loaded” to “non blocking”? I guess you probably mean you turned off the “Load all banks” option in the UE4 FMOD Studio plugin settings to stop using “always loaded”? How are you loading banks now, are you using a blueprint or using the FMOD Studio API from C++?

Could you please share any logs from UE4 or from FMOD Studio when attempting to start profiling, there might be some clues in those if they’re available.

Regarding your question about getting more detailed memory information, do you mean more detailed than the data displayed in the profiler? That information is the most fine grained you can get from the runtime - it doesn’t report which specific samples are loaded but it does report how much sample data is used at the level of event instances, buses, and the system total. The same data can be queried using API calls - Studio::EventInstance::getMemoryUsage, Studio::Bus::getMemoryUsage and Studio::System::getMemoryUsage. (Memory tracking needs to be enabled in the UE4 FMOD Studio plugin advanced settings for this information to be available.)

Hey Derek,

so we are currently using UE4.25+ M2 with the Fmod Integration 2.00.07 and Fmod 2.00.07.
Apperently we are using the wrong integration?

=> 2) your guess was correct, we disabled “Load all Banks”. We are not using any BP logic to load banks, everything is coming from c++ (we use mixed settings depending on the type of event/asset (Load on Demand, Always Loaded,…)

I am sorry, I dont have any Logs right now and I cant reproduce the issue due to quickfix-settings and our programmer is out for a week or two :smiley:

Since ever I just saw a never changing value in the profiler, because everything was always loaded aaaaaand since i cant connect the live update I dont have any more information on that right now as well sorry :slight_smile:

It definitely sounds like there’s a bit of a mix up on the integration version. There was no FMOD UE4 integration for UE 4.25+ until 2.00.10. I did some testing using the UE 4.24 integration from our 2.00.07 release and found that it didn’t work at all out of the box, several changes to our integration source code were required to make it work. Unless your team has made similar changes to an earlier version of our integration you must be using at least 2.00.10 for the integration.

It is definitely possible to use FMOD Studio 2.00.07 with later versions of the integration, perhaps that’s the source of the confusion?

Are you still having difficulty with this? We’re here to help if you have any logs or new information we can move forward with.